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An article discussing the Looter Party is in the National Post newspaper, print edition, March 18, 2015, page A2.

Clean out the corrupt.

It is ridiculous that I have to do this. Some one has to stand up to corrupt, thieving politicians and civil servants and hold them accountable. I am starting a political party to cleanse the Canadian government of these corrupt people. That some politician will use people's jobs and business to be a hero to special interest groups or funnel government money to their pals, is inexcusable. These people have to be cleaned out.

The main issues are rigged government jobs and contracts being funnelled to pals, cronies and special interest groups for votes, support and kickbacks (see CORRUPT AREAS webpage ). Politicians and civil servants are to keep their hands off government jobs and contracts. Hiring is to be on merit and contracts are to be tendered.

They are taking jobs and contracts, which is money, from decent hardworking Canadians. And they obviously do not care and will not compensate their victims.

Assets and money of corrupt politicians and civil servants (and jobs) available.

They take jobs and contracts from people, let's take their money. See how they like it. Some of the money will be used to compensate their victims. I expect the reaction of these people to be quite funny. I have the same sympathy for them they have for their victims.

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – serious economic implications.

Blindly pushing trade is reckless and a danger to the economy. The TPP gives away too much, look at the details. I have heard grandiose promises of jobs and prosperity with trade in the past and have information that trade has cost hundreds of thousands of Canadian jobs, and millions in the US.

There are serious issues including SOVEREIGNTY (giving away Parliament authority), REFERENDUM (changing form of government), FLOODING COUNTRY WITH FOREIGN WORKERS AND CANADIAN WORKER CERTIFICATION STANDARDS (Annex 12-A), FOOD SAFETY AND CANADIAN STANDARDS (do not have to meet Canadian standards) and OTHER POINTS (there is “free trade” and there is “fair trade”, currency manipulation, cheap labor, taxes, cost of regulation, etc. are not being discussed).

Press influencing the election.

The Canadian press censors political issues, protects corrupt politicians, and hides what the government is really doing and what political parties are planning to do, from the Canadian people. This affects the election. A big deal in a western world democracy. They are helping my opponents and costing me political support and money.

The press has a duty to inform the electorate of government actions and political party planned actions.

Click here to read lengthy email sent to many journalists discussing the issues.

Let's red card (as they do in soccer) or perp card (i.e. throw out) the corrupt politicians.





Following are excerpts from the previous Home Page, provided for information.

With the race and gender preferences issue:

If you are a man, white and/or a white man you are a fool if you support my opponents (except PPC), they want to displace, pass over and bar you from jobs, and steal from you.

If you are a woman who cares about your husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, friends, etc. you are a fool if you support my opponents, they want to displace and bar them from jobs.

If you are those women (very few) and/or special interest group people that want special treatment for yourself to steal jobs from men and whites, the Looter Party does not want your vote or your support.

My opponents obviously think the votes of those who want special treatment and to displace better qualified men and whites is more important than the votes of other decent hardworking Canadians.

If you support the principles above, join the Looter Party, we will clean out these people. This is not the Canadian way, no “special rights” for some and no “no rights” for some.

They give away some decent hardworking guy’s job, we give away their job. See how they like it.

Lowering standards and passing over better qualified whites and men and white men will be stopped immediately. Especially where strength and stamina are an issue with public safety. They even bar men, including Aboriginal men from jobs. Police officer and public safety are far more important than some silly numbers that do not matter. Who in their right mind would do this? This brings up criminal negligence.

Anyone that can think like a sleazy politician realizes that race and gender preferences are really just politicians using government jobs to be a hero to feminist and ethnic special interest groups for votes and contributions. There are Bribery, election rigging and criminal code sections to stop such. If we had honest, smart politicians and civil servants and judges these people would be removed from office, barred from office and thrown in jail. See email to the Queen for the criminal code and election rigging sections.

I also tire of the special interest groups that try to get special treatment for themselves and take jobs from decent hardworking Canadians, the butt in line people. And, even more so with the politicians that are nice to them because they think they might get a vote and are too dumb to think of the victims. And even worse yet, the politicians that are dumb enough to believe the drivel from people trying to get special treatment for themselves.

Work hard and have some two-bit politician trying to be a hero to some special interest group take your job and funnel it to some special interest group trying to steal for themselves. Sucker.

I do understand that some politicians think they are smart using government jobs to build their "coalitions" (buzz word with political consultants).

I also point out that this sends the message that any moron can displace me and that I, as an old white male, have no rights. I defy these two-bit politicians and civil servants to take away my rights.

To see what a joke the Canadian Human Rights Commission is click here. This has some of my documents from Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) reverse discrimination complaints I made, including complaints where the CHRC is the named respondent, and shows they are either too dumb to understand their own explanatory documents which directly contradict their decisions or are trying to ignore their documents, the concept of limits and the concept of "Natural Justice", and want to steal jobs from decent hardworking Canadians. I also showed the unconstitutionality of the Employment Equity Act and of preferences and these were ignored.

In a telephone conversation with me, a CHRC staff member mentioned the phrase "Too many white males". This shows the CHRC's real agenda.

Some of the many quotes are below. After trying to explain points many times I have used blunt, ridiculing words.

These so-called Human Rights people have to be taught that human rights means rights for everyone and no special rights for some and no, no rights for some, and you do not take jobs from people (any moron can take any one's job), and no lowered and separate standards, and no passing over, displacing and barring whites and men, and government hiring is to be on merit (as their own documents say). They are also supposed to protect Individual Rights. And, that government jobs belong to the people of Canada, not civil servants or politicians.

With representative and proportionality, the Canadian Human Rights Act Section 40.1 and other sections point out that numbers do not matter and see Guide quote below. This is ridiculous, laughable, simpleton thinking, what 50% women NHL hockey players. etc.? Also their numbers are wrong (self-identified and therefore inaccurate, etc.) in many ways. I have also read many articles and an excellent, thorough report discussing male/female strength and stamina differences and the implications of replacing men with women with jobs that require strength and stamina (life and death and injuries).

Another point, applicants spend time and money thinking they have a fair chance at a job when they will be displaced for a woman or a minority. This is so simple I am amazed I have to mention it, you do not lie to people.

From the Canadian Human Rights document "GUIDE TO SCREENING AND SELECTION IN EMPLOYMENT":

On page 4, “The Canadian Human Rights Act entitles all individuals to equal employment opportunities without regard to race or colour, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, ...” Notice individuals, without regard, not what is being done. This is a summary of Section 2 which says the same thing, “to the principle that all individuals should have an opportunity equal with other individuals” which is a principle that is to be applied to all sections of the Act. This means “INDIVIDUALS”.

And, on page 5, heading “'SPECIAL PROGRAMS AND EMPLOYMENT EQUITY“ it says “However, in the event of a complaint, the employer must be able to show that the data collected have not been used to discriminate, either in the hiring process or later when deciding promotion opportunities.”

From: http://www.chrc-ccdp.gc.ca/publications/screening_employment-eng.aspx (this web page was deleted after I made my complaints, with no explanation despite my repeated requests. I do however have the paper copy of this document and a .pdf document copy downloaded from the CHRC website before it was deleted (the downloaded document is on my CHRC webpage)).

Also, from a Canadian Human Rights Commission webpage "Document 1: Overview of Employment Equity, ”should not be construed … to contradict the merit principle in the public sector”"
www.hrsdc.gc.ca/eng/labour/equality/employment_equity/tools/guidelines/doc1.shtml (this webpage was also deleted.)

And there are many other points on merit in my documents, and with limits, see Document A, heading “LIMITS”, pages 5 - 8, paragraphs 47 - 77, included in the CHRC webpage.

Also, from CHRC Annual Report 1994, page 19: "No doubt even these explanatory definitions will fail to placate those who see nothing in employment equity but a conspiracy to deny jobs to white able bodied males with superior qualifications." This is what they are doing, stealing jobs from better qualified white men. That they do not seem to have the intellect to understand this is their problem.

It is absurd what human rights has become, it is supposed to be merit, take the best, etc. and moron/thieves twist it to steal from people. I seriously question the intellectual ability of these people. Thinking the best, they are dumb, dumb beyond belief, thinking the worst, they are thieves trying to steal from people and do not care about their victims.

It is also inexcusable that some politician would use someone's job to be a hero to special interest groups trying to steal for themselves, for adoration and attention.

There are 5 areas here:

1. Corruption - influencing offices and rigging government jobs and contracts is corruption.

2. Election rigging - promising and using government jobs and contracts is election rigging.

3. Rights - whites, men and white men have rights, and I have rights and do not take these people trampling on them.

4. Taking jobs and contracts from people - they do not seem to have the intellect to realize they are taking jobs and business from people, the victims should be compensated.

5. Absurd people - I question the intellectual ability of the people involved. What, take some guy with a wife and kids job because of silly proportionality numbers that are wrong and do not matter and only silly people care about? And, the points of competence (take the best), safety, rights (all have rights), limits, etc. are all too much for these people. I do not understand why people are not laughing at these simpletons.

Other Points

Change the silliness, and simpleton stupidity with many of the actions of the government and try to bring common sense and thoughtfulness and consideration to government and an intellect above the absurd.

We want somebody else, not the corrupt and not the professional politicians with their spin and drivel games trying to mislead people. We want serious, responsible people, better and smarter people, a different kind of people, those who don’t play political con and spin games. We do not want crooks, politicians or lackeys of politicians, or politicians that are lackeys and in the pocket of special interest groups. We want average people.

Will remove from office all civil servants, CHRC, RCMP, etc. staff involved with reverse discrimination and quotas, etc. which is displacing, passing over and barring better qualified people, which is stealing jobs, which is stealing money from decent hardworking Canadians.

Will seize the assets of all politicians and civil servants, CHRC and RCMP staff, etc. involved with stealing jobs. These assets will be used to pay the bills of their victims and to compensate the victims for a “Loss of Opportunity” and a “Denial of Employment”. The perpetrators will get the same consideration they give their victims. They give away someone’s job, which is money, I give away their money.

Prosecute all involved where applicable under criminal code sections 119, 122, 467.11 and other sections, 139(2), etc.

When elected, will pay all who have donated to the Looter Party, 2 times their donations (plus their donation), up to a limit of $100 million in donations. This is a small amount compared to the value the politicians have received with government jobs and promoting their political party. And, we are doing the job of the police and prosecutors.

Will implement some kind of skills testing for civil servants, many of the civil servants I dealt with (CHRC and others) do not seem to have even basic reading and thinking skills.

With a carbon tax, this is absurd, and 19th century thinking. It will not really matter (Canada is a very small player in this) and just makes the cost of living higher. I care about the environment but more about clean air, water, and food, and the welfare of animals and wildlife. I am also still waiting for the ice age I heard was coming when I was young and believed the settled science of global cooling in the 1970's.

Reduce spending, someone should be cutting the budget.

Reduce crime by adding police officers to patrol the streets and have drug sniffing dogs that will patrol the streets and schools.

Will look at the hollowing out of the middle class with the loss of well paying jobs.

Will look at foreign money inflating the real estate market making it difficult for young Canadians to buy a home.

Allow the people to decide issues like abortion, not judges that have made up the legal points. Referendums on any topic the people want, the party will set up a procedure where petitions on issues can be voted on. This will get people involved with government.

This party will a free vote party with the only point being no corruption.

I ask journalists to not label the party "left wing" or "right wing", these are simple minded and the phrases mean different things to different people. The party will be the "correct wing", finding the best answer to issues.

With me, I am basically conservative and support family values, etc.

I am nobody but I do not take two-bit politicians and civil servants treating me like nobody. And, I want corrupt politicians and civil servants held accountable. And, I have rights.

Barry Ceminchuk

Please contact me by email only, I do not want to be hassled by political operatives, goodguys@looterparty.com.