The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) is twisting Employment Equity (EE) to displace, pass over and bar men and whites and white men from jobs and blocking reverse discrimination complaints. EE is supposed to be hire on merit, take the best and not discriminate against anyone. The CHRC’s own documents say this, but they ignore them. And, the real source of this is corrupt politicians; they use this to promise preferences and government jobs to interest groups (i.e. feminists, etc.). This brings up corruption and election rigging (jobs for votes and kickbacks).

I recently made multiple reverse discrimination complaints and these were blocked (October 2013) with simpleton level, ridiculous, laughable drivel. I also had complaints against the Canadian Human Rights Commission for them; File #20130165 (Promoting stealing jobs from white guys (and men and whites)) and File #20130386 (Blocking reverse discrimination complaints) blocked (August 2014). Some of my documents with these complaints are below.

With my blocked complaints, the CHRC first said I was complaining about Special Programs and Employment Equity and this did not violate the Canadian Human Rights Act. My response was to point out the CHRC document that has the heading of “Special Programs and Employment Equity” which clearly shows the simple point of limits and says people can complain and no one is to be discriminated against. I also provided many quotes from their own documents and webpages (merit (“not to be construed to contradict the merit principle”), individual rights, myths, no reverse discrimination, no preferences, no quotas, no barring, criminal code, election rigging), and laws. I provided lengthy detailed documents that showed what the limits of Employment Equity and Special Programs are supposed to be, again from the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s own documents. The CHRC people do not seem to be intellectually capable of understanding the simple concept of limits.

Then the CHRC said the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal cannot order the cessation of complying with the Employment Equity Act. My response was to again point out quotes from their documents and explained that a Tribunal can order the cessation of actions that are not complying properly and can order damages for improper actions. I also raised issues of CHRC misconduct and evidence tampering, raised many issues (public safety, public interest) and questions of law (interpretation, Bill of Rights, compensation, etc.), pointed out a Breach of Natural Justice (CHRC blocking complaints where they are involved), showed the unconstitutionality of the Employment Equity Act and preferences, and pointed out the CHRC cannot draw legal conclusions. The CHRC ignored all my points. I also pointed out that the complaints should be referred to the RCMP (Public Official Corruption area) or to a Tribunal as the CHRC cannot decide questions of fact and law.

The simple point here is what suddenly Employment Equity means preferences and barring people from jobs, and quotas, and twisting merit, when the CHRC documents say the opposite? What are these people trying to pull and who are they trying to fool?

After I made my complaints the CHRC deleted their webpages that I quoted from that show they are not to do what they are doing. And, they will not answer my repeated questions for an explanation.


Below are my documents (in .pdf format) prepared for the Human Rights complaints I made. I sent many documents trying to explain the main issues and the CHRC people seem too dumb to understand points like principles and limits, myths, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, no reverse discrimination, no preferences, no quotas, public safety, criminal code, election rigging, etc. Consequently I have used blunt, ridiculing words. The documents are also quite repetitive, with people with the intellectual ability of the CHRC, points have to be explained over and over, hoping to get through. They didn't.

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There are many documents below, for the main points I suggest reading Document 1, and for more detailed information Document 2A (Document A).

1. Click here to read the original Complaints letter (multiple complaints) which shows they are not supposed to do what they are doing, including points from Canadian Human Rights Commission's own documents and many other points.

Following are my documents (in .pdf format) prepared for my Complaints against the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) for:


2. My letter to the third party investigator of February 17, 2014. The following documents were attached to this letter.

A. Document A - my response to a Canadian Human Rights Commission Report with a previous Complaint of mine that was blocked, they obviously cannot understand the simple concept of limits and their own documents. The Respondent name was removed from this document.

B. Document B - my response to another Canadian Human Rights Commission Report with a different previous Complaint of mine that was blocked. The Respondent name was also removed from this document.

C. Document C - my response to a Canadian Human Rights Commission document blocking the complaints from the Acting Chief Commissioner David Langtry that shows a Breach of Natural Justice, and other points, and that the Complaints should be referred to the RCMP.

D. Document D - was a scanned page (page 5 of the GUIDE document below) from a paper copy of the Canadian Human Rights Commission's own document entitled GUIDE TO SCREENING AND SELECTION IN EMPLOYMENT, heading SPECIAL PROGRAMS AND EMPLOYMENT EQUITY that directly contradicts what the Commission says in their Reports. This is only one of many points in my documents. This document was also on a Commission web page. The relevant quote is "However, in the event of a complaint, the employer must be able to show that the data collected have not been used to discriminate, either in the hiring process or later when deciding promotion opportunities.".

Click here to read the complete CHRC GUIDE, which was downloaded from the Canadian Human Rights Commission's website (and deleted).

3. Information included with my complaints of March 15, 2013.

4. My letter to the third party investigator of June 3, 2014.

5. My letter to the third party investigator of June 27, 2014.

6. My letter to the Commission of July 29, 2014.

These complaints against the CHRC were blocked with:

a. The laughable, ridiculous, simpleton statement of "It appears that the complainant fails to understand that the Employment Equity Act is to ensure equal access to employment for all Canadians through measures taken so that underrepresented groups fully participate in the labour market". Besides ridiculous, simpleton level (depends what the words mean and ignores the CHRC explanatory documents that directly contradict this statement and show the limits), this statement is beyond the legal authority of the Commission. Also notice "equal access to employment for all Canadians" which is not what is going on, they are displacing, passing over and barring men and white men and whites from jobs, which is not equal access.

b. Saying the complaints are not explained, which is the Commission being either too dumb to understand the explanation of the complaints in the above documents or playing dumb. I pointed out that it is the Commission's job to clarify complaints and they should be asking for more information, a complainant is only expected to have the knowledge of the general public. They ignored this.

c. Ignoring the points that show the complaints should go to a tribunal, including:

i. Ignoring and not explaining CONTRADICTIONS BETWEEN WHAT THEY SAY AND WHAT THEIR OWN DOCUMENTS SAY, which shows the CHRC is incompetent and do not know what they are doing. Their explanatory documents mention limits (merit, individual rights, no reverse discrimination, no quotas, no preferences, no lowering standards, myths, Guide (see CHRC GUIDE document above), etc.), and I also pointed out the Bill of Rights, criminal code, election rigging, and issues like public safety, public trust and referring to the RCMP. The CHRC documents also do not say complaints will be blocked as they are doing, which again shows they are incompetent.

ii. Ignoring the many questions of law and fact that I raised. The CHRC cannot decide questions of law and fact.

iii. The point that this is beyond their legal authority.

iv. It is a Breach of Natural Justice for a body (the CHRC) to judge their own actions.

v. Ignoring the points I included that show the unconstitutionality of preferences and of the Employment Equity Act (which is also beyond their legal authority).

vi. Ignoring the irregularity that the Commission deleted webpages that I quoted from that made my case, which leads any one with a brain to an inference of guilt.

d. They also hid what they are actually doing and I accused the Commission of misleading conduct in a legal proceeding which brings up obstruction of justice.

e. The CHRC also did not provide me with their procedures and staff training information that I repeatedly requested as evidence.

f. Ignoring the point that this is in the public interest (government hiring) and that I want to protect the merit system from corrupt, thieving civil servants and politicians.

g. The CHRC also will not tell me which politicians are involved with pushing preferences and stealing jobs from decent hardworking Canadians.

h. In summary, I provided many quotes from the CHRC’s own documents (merit, limits, individual rights, no reverse discrimination, no preferences, no quotas), raised many questions of law and issues (criminal code, election rigging, public trust, public endangerment), and showed the unconstitutionality of preferences and the Employment Equity Act and the CHRC has blocked my complaints saying I am complaining about Employment Equity.

By the way, with my complaint against the RCMP, in their response they said "the RCMP would like to emphasize that its standards for recruitment apply equally to all applicants and are not lowered at any stage of the process". This is actually saying what they are supposed to do, but it is not what they are actually doing. They lower standards when selecting candidates with their QUOTA selection, which passes over better qualified candidates. They do not seem to have the intellect to understand this simple point. They are also not supposed to have QUOTAS, they call them benchmarks and goals, but the RCMP has made them QUOTAS. I have also heard they are looking at 50% hiring QUOTAS for women, they obviously have not thought of the point that the police have to be able to stop some mugger beating on me or any one (public safety) and handle situations in natural disasters (tornados, earthquakes, floods, etc.) which require strength and stamina.

Another point, the RCMP should not be lying to applicants who spend time and money thinking they have a fair chance at a job when they will be displaced for a woman or a minority. This is so simple I am amazed I have to mention it. This also brings up fraud.

As I said in one of my above documents:

8. Now, I tire of explaining simple concepts and points, many points of which are from the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s own documents, to dummies who are stealing jobs from decent hardworking people. As I said "Government jobs belong to the Canadian people, not simpleton bureaucrats trying to steal jobs from better qualified white men. Keep your hands off government jobs. There are criminal code provisions to protect the people from people like you.". THIS IS A CORRUPTION SCAM BEING PERPETRATED ON THE CANADIAN PEOPLE TO DEFRAUD THE PEOPLE OF AN HONEST, MERITORIOUS CIVIL SERVICE AND A SCHEME TO INFLUENCE PUBLIC OFFICES. You want to steal jobs, I, Barry Ceminchuk, as a Canadian citizen, want all you politicians and civil servants involved with this to be removed from office, barred from office and to pay restitution. I will also look at prosecution. You want to play silly drivel games, this is my game and my points are not a game.

And, 82. If you read the above and are not laughing at the intellect of these people and disgusted at their actions, you are as dumb as they are. If you are laughing at them and disgusted with them, then help me clean these people out.

Also, from my June 27, 2014 document:


49. The document mentions unconstitutionality. As I said in my documents, to show the unconstitutionality:

With unconstitutionality, with the Employment Equity Act (EEA) and obviously any act, section, regulation or action:

1. In the House of Commons Debates, for October 5, 1995 page 15308, Mr. Rey D, Pagtakhan, right column, 5th paragraph, "Hence the addition of paragraph 2 to section 15 [discussing the Charter]. ... It gives parliament the authority to enact laws aimed at achieving equality, not preference, not superiority, in employment for the disadvantaged groups, laws that will withstand constitutional scrutiny." Mr. Pagtakhan was the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Human Rights and the Status of Disabled Persons.

There are two points here:

A. He says the Act is because of the Charter, Section 31 of the Charter says: Nothing in this Charter extends the legislative powers of any body or authority. Therefore, as they say it is because of the Charter, and the Charter does not add legislative authority, the Act is unconstitutional.
B. Notice he says the Charter is supposed to be "not preference, not superiority". This complaint is proof that people try to use it to have preferences and therefore the EEA and any other act or section, is unconstitutional.

2. Also, all Canadians have rights, no special rights for some, and no, no rights for some. The CHRC people are supposed to know this and protect the rights of all individuals.

3. Also, Canada is not some third world country; if civil servants or politicians take something from people they compensate people.

4. They are also supposed to warn people and allow them to object. Due process.

Other points:

5. The Canadian Bill of Rights says laws should be construed and applied as not to abrogate, abridge or infringe or to authorize the abrogation, abridgment or infringement of any of the rights or freedoms herein recognized and declared. Notice not to infringe.

6. Also, civil servants and politicians are to keep their hands off government jobs, government hiring is to be on the merit system. There are criminal code provisions to protect the Canadian people from people like you. This is in the public interest. And, any civil servant or politician that does not know this is incompetent and stupid or a thief and corrupt.

7. Also, influencing offices and the hiring brings up corruption and nuisance (again the criminal code) and election rigging. These have severe penalties.

8. And there is a public endangerment issue here with quotas and lowered standards.

What a joke (and not funny).

Barry Ceminchuk


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