Following are emails sent to the QUEEN VIA GOVERNOR GENERAL and to the PRIME MINISTER. I received an acknowledgement from the Governor General but not the Prime Minister. I have not received a reply or the requested letters.


From: Barry Ceminchuk <barryceminchuk@yahoo.com>
To: "info@gg.ca" <info@gg.ca>; "pm@pm.gc.ca" <pm@pm.gc.ca>; "Stephen.Harper@parl.gc.ca" <Stephen.Harper@parl.gc.ca>
Sent: Wednesday, September 3, 2014 11:29 AM
Subject: Government jobs and contracts for me and my political party

To: The Queen of Canada (via Governor General) and the Prime Minister of Canada,

I ask the Governor General to please forward this to the Queen.

I refer to my emails to the Queen and Prime Minister below.

As I have not received a reply from either the Queen or the Prime Minister, and you have omitted to cease the actions, I therefore assume you approve the actions, and that the actions are acceptable.

I point out that I, and any political party I start, are entitled to the same government benefits and money.

Therefore, I require a document from the Queen of Canada and the Prime Minister, on letterhead and signed by each, that says:

“Barry Ceminchuk is entitled to use government jobs and contracts for his personal and political benefit as he sees fit. And, funnel jobs and contracts to his pals, cronies, special interest groups and those trying to get special treatment and steal for themselves, for votes, support and kickbacks.

Barry Ceminchuk is entitled to use the jobs and contracts and money of decent hardworking Canadians for his personal and political benefit. And, funnel the jobs, contracts and money to his pals, cronies, special interest groups and those trying to get special treatment and steal for themselves, for votes, support and kickbacks.

Barry Ceminchuk is entitled to be free of any criminal or civil liabilities, or election rigging violations, or sanctions or complaints of any kind (federal, provincial and territorial government (merit, tender, etc.) or private or public) for his actions.

This would include, but is not limited to, criminal (corruption, bribery, frauds, public trust, selling offices, influencing offices, nuisance, fraud, being part of a “criminal organization”), ethics, election rigging (“corrupt practice”, removal from office, barred from office, jail term(s), fines, voiding of election, contested or controverted elections, etc.).

The above points not only apply to Barry Ceminchuk but to any political party, candidate, organization, association, group, person, etc. that he is associated with, consults with, counsels, etc., and members or associates, etc. thereof.”

Please send these documents to:

Barry Ceminchuk
Box 51047 RPO Highlands
Edmonton Alberta T5W 5G5

I also require immediate creation of a government funded position to promote job preferences for my benefit and to block complaints to protect the scheme. This should be at the Chief Commissioner level and have a staff of two people, and an advertising budget of $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars) per year.

Thank you. And please act promptly, the next federal election is expected next year and it takes time to organize a political party.

If I do not receive the above documents, or an email notification that they are forthcoming, by October 14, 2014, I will assume I am free to proceed.

It is ridiculous that I have to do this.

Barry Ceminchuk


The acknowledgement from the Governor General:

From: Info <GeneralInformation.Renseignementsgeneraux@gg.ca>
To: Barry Ceminchuk <barryceminchuk@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 8:07 AM
Subject: Auto Response / Réponse automatique

Thank you for writing to the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General. We appreciate hearing your views and suggestions. Responses to specific inquiries can be expected within three weeks. Please note that general comments and opinions may not receive a response.


Nous vous remercions d'avoir écrit au Bureau du secrétaire du gouverneur général. Nous apprécions votre point de vue et vos suggestions. Il faut prévoir trois semaines pour une réponse à une demande précise. Veuillez noter qu’il n’y a pas nécessairement de suivi pour les opinions et les commentaires généraux qui sont envoyés.



From: Barry Ceminchuk <barryceminchuk@yahoo.com>
To: "info@gg.ca" <info@gg.ca>
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 8:48 AM
Subject: Fw: For your information and I also ask you to please forward this to The Queen
To: The Governor General of Canada:
The following is for your information and I also ask you to please forward this to The Queen.
February 7, 2014
Her Majesty The Queen
Queen of Canada
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA
Your Majesty,
I am writing regarding serious matters with federal elections in Canada and the government of Canada.
I sent an email to the Prime Minister of Canada and the Minister of Finance on January 31, 2014 (see EMAIL below) pointing out the corruption and election rigging that is going on and requesting public money for the political party I will start to clean up the corruption.
As of this writing I have not received a reply or an acknowledgement.
This letter is to inform you of what is going on in Canada and to ask you to request the Prime Minister or the Minister of Finance to reply to my email.
Politicians have been running corruption and election rigging schemes using federal government jobs and contracts. I have documented proof of such and will provide you with the evidence if requested. I also have documented proof that government institutions have been corrupted to protect and aid and abet these schemes.
The actions include using government jobs and contracts to get votes and contributions and funnel large amounts of money (jobs and contracts worth at the least, hundreds of millions of dollars) to cronies, contributors and special interest groups. This is election rigging and stealing from the people of Canada, and stealing from the government of Canada, which is stealing from you (your position). They have also been stealing government jobs and contracts from decent hardworking Canadians (the victims), which is money. They are also not compensating the victims of the corrupt and election rigging actions nor the people who had complaints and court cases ignored and/or blocked by pals protecting the corruption.
Government hiring is to be on the merit system and contracts are to be tendered. They have been manipulating these.
The civil servants I have dealt with seem to think they are smart with their schemes and do not care about their victims.
These actions bring up election rigging, bribery and corruption for which the perpetrators should be:

from the Canada Elections Act (Section 481 Offering bribe):
- barred from holding office (Section 502(3) Consequences of illegal, corrupt practices),
- barred from running for office (Section 502(3)), and
- jailed for 5 years (Section 500(5)(b) Punishment),
and from the criminal code:
- jailed for 14 years (Section 119 Corruption and Disobedience), and
- jailed for 5 years (Section 122 Breach of trust by public officer), and
- other laws.

This also brings up participation in a ”criminal organization” (Canada criminal code Section 467.11) which adds a consecutive penalty of 5 years (or more, up to life imprisonment (Section 467.13)) to the criminal offence.
These are very serious criminal offences under Canadian law.
These laws are supposed to protect the Canadian people from schemes like these. However the institutions (Elections Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Public Service Commission) are actually ignoring the corruption laws and election rigging laws and protecting the politicians.
The Canadian people have a right to have an honest government and fair elections. They also have a right to not have a government involved with criminal activity and to have corrupt and election rigging politicians held accountable.
I also cannot get answers as to which politicians are involved in these schemes.
I have tried the honest way to stop these actions (made complaints and provided lengthy explanations as to how hiring should be handled) and have been blocked by pals who are protecting the politicians. Again, I have documented proof of such. Therefore I want to take this issue to the people by my political party and have requested government money to get some of the value of government money the politicians have used for their political party.
The alternative is that I will have to become as corrupt as they are and use government jobs and contracts to get support so I can defeat and get rid of the corrupt politicians. I am reluctant to do this as I do not want to commit criminal acts and election rigging crimes.
Therefore, I respectfully ask you, as Queen of Canada and Head of State, to request the Prime Minister or the Minister of Finance to reply to my email.
Thank you for your attention.
Barry Ceminchuk
Mailing address is below.
Phone: provided


EMAIL TO MINISTER OF FINANCE AND PRIME MINISTER that was included in the email to the Queen:

From: Barry Ceminchuk <barryceminchuk@yahoo.com>
To: "jflaherty@fin.gc.ca" <jflaherty@fin.gc.ca>; "pm@pm.gc.ca" <pm@pm.gc.ca>
Sent: Friday, January 31, 2014 9:45 AM
Subject: Budget Planning – please add the following for my political party
As you are preparing your upcoming budget, please allow for and add an amount of $31,000,000.00 (thirty-one million), free of both federal and provincial taxes, for Barry Ceminchuk and for the political party I will organize, tentatively called the Looter Party.
Or, make an immediate payment.
The government is running government job rigging schemes (race and gender preferences, quotas, barring men from jobs (restricting jobs to women), lowered and separate standards, twisting Employment Equity, twisting the merit system, etc.) and has been rigging government contracts worth Billions of dollars. This is government money being used to get votes and contributions and kickbacks from pals and the special interest groups that benefit, for your political party.
The job actions take jobs from people and money. They affect men (all races including Aboriginal men), whites (including women) and white men.
Government hiring is to be on the merit system (“best qualified” and “without regard to race or sex”).
With government contracts, this goes back to the Sponsorship Scandal, there were many stories of government contracts being rigged including advertising, engineering, legal, consulting, computer, lands, registry, Justice Department, RCMP and Canada Post, and other unknown contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This is corruption and funnelling government money to pals and buys support and votes from the beneficiaries.
My political party is entitled to the same government benefits. The amount includes a claim for Goodwill (past benefits of the actions).
The payment above is required immediately so I may begin party organizing, advertising, etc.
My party will cleanse the government of election cheaters and corrupt politicians and civil servants that are part of this corruption scheme being perpetrated on the Canadian people to defraud the people of an honest, meritorious civil service and a scheme to influence public offices.
My party will also compensate the victims of the actions, Canada is not some third world country where the government steals jobs from people and does not compensate the victims.
My party will also tell unemployed men (all races) and whites (both genders) who applied for government jobs or would have applied (both internal and external jobs), and their wives/husbands and children to send their bills to you, you bar them from jobs, you pay their bills.
You want to steal jobs, I, Barry Ceminchuk, as a Canadian citizen, want all you politicians and civil servants involved to be removed from office, barred from office and to pay restitution. I will also look at prosecution.
That some politician will use some one’s job to get votes is inexcusable.
Please acknowledge this email and let me know when to expect the cheque.
Send the cheque to:

Barry Ceminchuk
Box 51047 RPO Highlands
Edmonton Alberta T5W 5G5


Email: goodguys@looterparty.com

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