Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Harper literally selling out the farm, Referendum

Date: Monday, June 29, 2015, 6:57 PM
From: Barry Ceminchuk <goodguys@looterparty.com>

Hello Looter Party supporters.

I previously sent you information about the serious issues with the TPP (see below).

Harper is literally selling out the farm.

In the National Post, June 27, 2015, page A13, Letters to the Editor, a dairy farmer in British Columbia, Julaine Treur of Agassiz B.C., mentioned that she and her husband own and operate an average size dairy farm, and that they were concerned that the trade talks could wipe them out because they could not compete with companies that do not have to meet Canadian standards (safety, environment and animal welfare).

This is a valid concern, food products have to meet Canadian standards and this could affect not only thousands of small Canadian businesses but the health and safety of the Canadian food supply, which is the health and safety of Canadians.

It seems the politicians are too busy blindly following their “trade agenda” and not smart enough to understand the details and the issue of Canadian health and safety standards.

He is selling out Canadian farms and small business to companies that do not have to meet Canadian standards. And, endangering the health and safety of Canadians.

And the other political parties are also not smart enough, they should have brought up these points.

These people talk about helping small business and well paying long term jobs while they sell out Canadians businesses and jobs (also see below with flood of foreign workers).

We have to get better and smarter politicians, not these silly simple people that do not have the brains to think beyond a simple point.


I also point out that as the email below points out that the TPP affects Canadian borders and sovereignty and laws, that this is fundamentally changing the way Canadians are governed.

Therefore this should be placed before the people, with the consequences and implications openly (details are being kept hidden) and fully discussed with a Referendum.

Therefore I, and the Looter Party, demand a Referendum if they want to agree to the TPP.

Barry Ceminchuk
Looter Party

Previous email:

With trade, please look at ALL the implications, like multiple issues, flooding the country with foreign workers displacing Canadians (see excerpts from “The real fast-track threat” below), giving away Canadian sovereignty and control of the border and laws, and putting Canadians out of business because foreign companies do not have to meet the same health, safety, environment, animal welfare, etc. Canadian standards, and the resulting concern of health and safety of Canadians. Explained in detail below.

These so-called "trade" simpleton politicians have to understand all the issues.

I and the Looter Party have major concerns with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (a trade agreement involving Canada, US, Mexico, Vietnam, Japan, etc.).

There is free trade and fair trade, many issues are not being discussed, currency manipulation, environment laws, worker safety laws, etc. These requires people who have the ability to think beyond the simple and their own concerns and understand the details. [I also add] People have to understand that health and safety standards are different in third world countries. Do people not remember pet food being imported into Canada that killed a bunch of pets?

And, there are other serious economic implication issues that are not being discussed:

- Flooding the country with foreign workers displacing Canadians (see excerpts from “The real fast-track threat” below). Possibly millions.

- Giving away Canadian sovereignty and control of the border and laws.

- Jobs being exported out, moved to other countries, like what is happening in the auto industry in Ontario.

- Wiping out Canadian small businesses that cannot compete because other companies do not have to meet Canadian standards. Also a danger to the health and safety of Canadians. See the selling out the farm point above.

Flooding the country with foreign workers, etc.

With flooding the country with foreign workers, with no checking if Canadians (he uses American, but it would be the same here) available, credentials, skill levels, etc., article “Dick Morris: The real fast-track threat, by Dick Morris - 06/16/15” at:


Some excerpts:

An article by Daniel Costa and Ron Hira of the Economic Policy Institute wades through the pages of TISA documents posted on WikiLeaks to find provisions on open immigration. Article 4, concerning “Entry and Temporary Stay of Natural Persons,” states signatories “shall not maintain or adopt Economic Needs Tests, including labor market tests, as a requirement for a visa or work permit.” Costa and Hira explain: “In other words, U.S. laws or regulations limiting guestworkers only to jobs where no U.S. workers were available would violate the terms of the treaty.”

Article 5 goes further, proposing that member nations “shall take market access and national treatment commitments for intra-corporate transferees, business visitors, and ... contractual service suppliers and independent professionals.” The draft then goes on to require signatories to “allow entry and temporary stay of [contractual service suppliers and independent professionals]” in a long list of specific fields.

[I also add] Costa and Hira point out that "foreign firms would not be required to advertise jobs to U.S. workers, or to hire U.S. workers if they were equally or better qualified for job openings in their own country." They note that the treaty means that "potentially hundreds of thousands of workers could enter the United States every year ... importing cheaper labor to supplant American workers."

Other points:

Dick Morris, has raised other issues and they are discussed in a video and article at:


Main points are about 1:25 into the video.




I also sent an email to Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade, in May, and do not have a reply as of yet. The email is below and includes an article discussing mass immigration.

They are keeping the details of this secret and I cannot get answers.

Thank you for your support and I would appreciate any comments.

Barry Ceminchuk


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Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 12:30 PM
Subject: Fw: Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Please tell me what Canada is doing with the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Both generally and addressing the bringing in of foreign workers to displace Canadians (as described in the following).
Please acknowledge receipt and let me know if I should contact someone else.

From an email I received:

TPP = Mass Immigration

Dick Morris Reports
April 22, 2015

TPP = Mass Immigration
Published on TheHill.com on April 21, 2015

Under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a proposed free-trade agreement, Congress could lose the power to control immigration policy. We could find ourselves back in the era before there were restrictions on immigration and anyone from anywhere could come to our shores. And Republicans, from leaders Mitch McConnell and John Boehner on down, are unwittingly helping President Obama achieve this goal.

The TPP, generally supported by pro-free-trade Republicans but opposed by labor-union Democrats, reportedly contains a barely noticed provision that allows for the free migration of labor among the signatory nations. Patterned after similar provisions in the treaties establishing the European Union, it would override national immigration restrictions in the name of facilitating the free flow of labor.

The draft treaty, now under discussion among 12 Pacific Rim nations, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Vietnam and Japan, makes provision for needed labor to move across national boundaries without restraint. While much of the commentary on the deal has been focused on high-skill, white-collar migration, it could easily be interpreted as allowing farm workers and others to flow back and forth without legal regulation.

In seeking approval of the TPP, the Obama administration has proposed giving it fast-track authority to conclude trade deals -- a power that would restrict Congress's ability to amend the deal, allowing only an up-or-down vote. Led by Republicans, the Senate is moving toward passage of the fast-track authority as a precursor to ratification of the TPP treaty, immigration provisions and all.

Democrats are staging a last-ditch stand against the bill, which their labor allies condemn as the worst trade deal since the North American Free Trade Agreement of the 1990s, pointing to the potential loss of jobs. But Republicans are using their majorities to grant Obama fast-track authority.

It is odd, indeed, to see Republicans falling all over themselves to reward this president with more power while voluntarily reducing congressional oversight. At the very least, one would assume the TPP would give the GOP-led Congress bargaining power to force Obama to backtrack on amnesty for illegals and possibly on ObamaCare. But far from forcing concessions, Republicans are lining up in support of fast-track and, by implication, the TPP.

Because foreign treaties are the "law of the land," according to the U.S. Constitution, any provision governing our borders and the flow of immigrants could not be overridden or even modified by Congress. A new president would be able to reverse Obama's amnesty plan but not the open-border provisions of the TPP. The treaty could lead to the effective repeal of the specifically enumerated power granted to Congress in Article I of the Constitution to regulate immigration and naturalization.

While the treaty is still being negotiated, the current focus on white-collar immigration would be sufficiently elastic to allow open borders. For instance, what is white collar compared to blue collar? Are we going to set an income limit on immigration?

Curtis Ellis, executive director of the American Jobs Alliance, calls the trade deal "a Trojan horse for Obama's immigration agenda" on The Hill's Contributor's blog. He notes that "one corporate trade association says bluntly that 'The TPP should remove restrictions on nationality or residency requirements for the selection of personnel.' "

In his seventh and eighth year, every president worries about his legacy and tries to control events in the future. But here Obama is enshrining in a treaty -- that cannot be repealed or amended -- an open-border immigration policy for all time.

Those who say he would never carry the treaty's provisions that far have only to ask themselves this question: Would Obama extend his powers to their maximum limit? Of course he would. Don't give him the power.

Barry Ceminchuk

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From: Barry Ceminchuk <barryceminchuk@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Saturday, May 9, 2015 7:21 PM
Subject: Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Please tell me what Canada is doing with the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Barry Ceminchuk


Thank you for your support and I look forward to your suggestions and comments.

Barry Ceminchuk
Looter Party


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