Email to Trudeau, no reply received (too complicated for him):
From: Barry Ceminchuk <goodguys@looterparty.com>
Subject: Your quotas, tell the people what you are really saying
To: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca
Date: Monday, June 22, 2015, 12:36 PM

With your gender and race quotas:

1. Please tell the people what you are really saying, that you want to displace men and replace them with women, that is steal their jobs.

2. And, that you want to give away some decent hardworking guy’s job and that men have no rights and can be discriminated against and their jobs and money taken, so what. And, that you also want to take money from their wives and children.

3. And, tell the people when you are going to give away your job, when you are going to be displaced for a woman. Or, do you want to do something to someone else but not have it done to you? Did you not think of this?

4. And, please tell the people that you want to lower standards and pass over better qualified men and white men. And which could endanger the public and personnel where strength and stamina are an issue.

5. And, please tell the people you are pushing proportionality across the government. [I should have also said except your job.]

6. And, please tell the people that you are a lackey and pawn of the feminist and ethnic groups that want special treatment for themselves so they can take jobs from decent hardworking Canadian men and white men.

7. And, please tell the people that you are using the jobs of decent hardworking Canadians to be a hero to the women (not all) that are trying to get special treatment for themselves and take jobs from men, to promise jobs to the women and ethnic groups for votes and contributions.

Again, please tell the people what you are really saying. Or are these points too complicated for you.

Barry Ceminchuk

Looter Party


What is this Trudeau, is he too dumb to think of the above points or is he a sociopathic thief?

Also, everyone is supposed to be against quotas (are discriminatory) and proportionality is laughable and indicative of a silly and simple mind.

And, if he is going to take jobs from people he should compensate them. Canada is not some third-world country run by some corrupt thieving tin-pot dictator.

Anyone that can think like a simpleton sleazy politician realizes that promising preferences is just some politician trying to be a hero to feminist and ethnic special interest groups for votes and kickbacks. That some two-bit politician will give away some guy’s job and use such to be a hero to those trying to get special treatment for themselves is inexcusable. There are criminal code sections to protect the people from corrupt politicians. He should read Section 119 of the criminal code, a Member of Parliament attempting to obtain offices, places and employment for multiple persons (14 years in jail).

This is typical of the Liberal Party; they use government jobs (parachuting Liberal Party hacks into the civil service, jobs for pals, funnelling jobs to interest groups, etc.) and contracts (like the Sponsorship, and other large contracts in the past, hundreds of millions of dollars with government contracts) as political pawns to funnel to pals, cronies, special interest groups and back to themselves.


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